10 simple martial arts exercises you can do at home

Over the years martial arts has not only grown in popularity but has also adopted various forms. This ancient art of combat has evolved from simple throwing of fists to a rather complicated sport. People engage in martial arts exercises for different reasons: to relax, learn various self-defense skills, tone their body, increase endurance, confidence, and agility. Martial arts are primarily designed for interaction with people, but some folks prefer performing the exercises at the comfort of their homes with the help of training partners,coaches or personal trainers.

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Martial arts exercises carried out at home help build on an individual’s general fitness, coordination and impact training. As such learning martial arts, exercises at home requires lots of discipline and a sound understanding of the basics (strikes, stances, burpee variations and flexibility). With time trainers exhibit tremendous improvement in martial art exercises. In our discussion, we will look at 10 simple martial arts exercises you can do at home.

Simple martial exercises

1. Slow motion kicks

Trainers perform the slow motion kick exercise along with other essential kicks in martial arts training. It helps stretch the leg and core muscles during execution of each kick. To perform the slow motion kick exercise, the trainer has to lift the knee and extend the leg forward. When he has extended the leg, he then slowly returns it to a bent position. Eight to ten reps of the exercise on each foot help improve balance (the kicking foot shouldn’t touch the floor).

2. Speed punching

The exercise improves cardiovascular endurance and agility. When executing speed punches, trainers should stand in a horse stance with their feet spread and knees a little bent. The punches resemble karate punches only that they are performed at an imaginary target. For optimal results, trainers should hold their fists at the hips and remain in a horse stance during the entire exercise.

3. Squat kicking

Squat kicks martial art practices present rather challenging activities known to improve strength and coordination on the lower parts of the body. Squat kicking requires trainers to stand with their feet apart (shoulder width), squat and kick when returning to a standing position. A trainer should kick with a different leg every time he squats. For more intense squat kicking exercises, trainers may raise the height of the kicks.

4. Knuckle pushups

It is a traditional martial art exercise that helps strengthen fists and wrists while building chest, triceps and arm strength. Martial artists believe the knuckle pushups harden the skin around the knuckles thus reducing bruising during fights. Additionally, the technique is believed to generate tougher wrists hence lessen the potential for misaligned punches during sparring.

Intense martial arts exercises (for full body circuit workout and extreme fitness)

5. The Kung Fu

Thanks to martial arts books, YouTube Videos, and other training resources, learning Kung Fu at home has never been easy. Trainers can download beginners’ Kung Fu video on a laptop and begin practicing the strikes, stances, and blocks along with the video instructor.

They may engage a sparring partner to tests their skill as they progress by kicking and punching on particular pressure points the opponent. Home training sparring allows a trainer to practice what he has learned in theory while establishing the offensive and defensive targets with his partner. Additionally, trainers should wear sparring and feet protection gear as well as gloves.

6. Ju-jitsu

There are plenty of techniques to perform Ju-jitsu at home. The exercise emphasizes on building strength and endurance while learning how to control one’s anger and frustration (Ju-Jitsu allows trainers to use force only during self-defense). Executing the exercise requires trainers to lift one hand and kick the foot diagonally and return to the starting position. Perform a few reps while alternating the hands and feet.

7. Judo

Judo martial art exercise is ideal for developing strength, fitness, balance and posture. It is a relatively modern martial art practice that originates from Ju-Jujitsu. A trainer’s aim is to wrestle with his opponent and win by throwing and pinning him down for thirty or more seconds till he yields to defeat.

8. Hojo Undo

It is a popular strength training martial art exercise used in Karate schools. Hojo Undo helps improve the punching and kicking power, speed, and coordination by lifting heavy objects. Unlike other weight lifting martial exercises that focus on building a single muscle, Hojo Undo focuses on strengthening the primary muscles used in a punch.

9. Muay Thai

The Muay Thai also known as Thai Boxing is a rather realistic martial art that emphasizes on intensive training and conditioning that builds on the muscular endurance of the upper body. It’s a form of kickboxing martial art that incorporates a few distinct features- knee and elbow strikes and clinching. Trainers learn techniques such as drilling combos on Thai pads, shadow boxing, and sparring when performing Muay Thai martial art. You may need a heavy bag, boxing gloves, shin guards and hand wraps as well as Muay Thai pads when performing Muay Thai.

10. Krav Maga

Primarily Krav Maga is a combative military style that has its roots from the Israeli Self-Defense Force. It presents a practical defense strategy that is easy to learn. Krag Maga involves straightforward and intuitive logical movements that thrive on intense workouts and drills.

Krav Mage involes movement and physical training that resembles MMA training, thus participants has  be ready physically fit and

Clearly, trainers don’t have to visit a gym to perform different martial art and fitness exercises. The discussion on the 10 simple martial arts exercises you can do at home should guide anyone who wants to perform the exercises at home.

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10 Simple healthy winter recipes

Winters are generally associated in most parts of the world with festivities, holidays and lots and lots of; well you guessed it right, eating!! Whether it is the odd calorie rich once a year dessert, the Christmas cake, cookie ,candy or the tubs of salted popcorn that you crave while curling up in the warm blanket, the fact is, it is not easy to have hearty and healthy winter recipes of meals that are healthy as well as filling and nutritious.
It is extremely important, not only to count calories but also to prepare and consume food that is rich in minerals, healthy carbohydrates and nutrients since it is a known fact that the immune system of the body is at an extreme stress during the winter months, specially owing to higher levels of alcohol consumption, lack of outdoor exercises and lack of sunlight, coupled with the calorie laden, rich food that is a hallmark of winter holidays.
Whereas it is extremely important to take care of one’s health, irrespective of the season, it is well known that extra care is required during the winter months, since it is much easier to fall sick during the cold months. The following are some of the common winter ailments:
  • Cold : Cold is the most common but uncomfortable sickness during winters, lots of nutrition, hydration and rest is required to get well after a bout of cold.
  • Sore Throat: Another common but uncomfortable condition, gargling with warm salty water is a common solution.
  • Asthma: The symptoms of Asthma are severely aggravated during the cold weather and people suffering from Asthma should be extra careful during winters, as well as take care of their nutrition and medications.
  • Norovirus: The activity of the norovirus, also known as the winter vomiting bug, can cause severe dehydration and children need to be especially careful about this virus.
  • Flu: Flu is one of the common but dangerous winter ailments, especially for the ailing, elderly and young children. The flu jab is a good way of protection
  • Joint Pains: The advent of winters increase the incidence of joint pains, especially people suffering from Arthritis since the outdoor movement is restricted as well as cold weather causes stiffness of the joints.

Healthy winter recipes

The following are some of the simple but tasty and healthy winter recipes most suited for making and consuming during the winter months. For simplicity, we have divided it into the 4 distinct meal periods.

1) Banana and Berries Bread: This bread made with ripe bananas and the plentiful berries in season can create delicious and healthy breakfast bread that is rich in manganese from eggs, antioxidants from the berries and selenium from eggs, plus the recipe normally uses oil instead of butter.

2) Walnut, Melon seed and Maple Crepes: What can be more rewarding and healthy than a stack of warm and fluffy maple walnut pancakes enriched with the goodness of melon seeds? The walnuts, melon seeds and buttermilk in the recipe contain vital nutrients, fibres and plant sterols to keep you snug and healthy all through the winter months.

3) Oatmeal stuffed Baked Apples: A breakfast recipe with healthy oats, luscious fresh apples, nuts and cinnamon, this recipe is as tasty as it is healthy. Ready within a short time, this breakfast has lots of vital nutrients, fibres and proteins to comfort you during the harsh winters.

4) Roasted Pumpkin and Cheddar Soup: There is nothing more comforting and fulfilling than a nice hot soup on a winter lunch table. This soup made with roasted seasonal pumpkin, potato and sharp cheddar is a perfect ode to an icy afternoon, served with some fresh garlic toasts.

5) Moroccan Lamb Stew: Stews are one of the eternal favorite hearty winter meals since they have a little bit of everything, are easy to prepare and are nice and warming. Containing generous chunks of meat, potatoes and fragrant spices, this lamb stew can be a fulfilling one pot meal in itself and is full of nutrients and packed with flavor.

6) Pork and roasted peppers hotpot: Made with lean pork meat, roasted bell peppers and served with simple boiled noodles, this hot pot can quickly climb the popularity charts. Packed with healthy carbohydrates, proteins and minerals, this hot pot is hot on the health index too.


freezing cold

7) Spaghetti with creamy mushroom, bacon and port sauce: This simple dinner recipe can be a great winter recipe idea that is assembled in minutes and can be a quick and satisfying dinner, served with some grilled bread. The warmth and sweetness of the port combines uniquely with the crumbled bacon that this recipe uses, the mushrooms, cream and spaghetti also provide with vital nutrients to keep the winter ailments at bay.
8)Minestrone with Parmesan and fava beans: This wholesome, warm and hearty soup is a perfect winter dinner. Rich with tomatoes, vegetables such as carrots, leek and onion, and hearty beef broth, this soup is more of a stew than a soup and goes very well with the garnishing of a ladle of freshly cooked pasta.
9)Chicken Casserole with Marsala and pancetta: This robust dish is wintertime favourite. Using big pieces of Chicken, rashers of pancetta, olives, hearty mushrooms and a good glug of fortified Marsala wine, this recipe has something for everyone. While the mushrooms and chicken provide the required proteins and fibres, the mild spices and Marsala wine provides flavour as well as minerals and antioxidants, so required for winters.

10)Roasted Vegetables Enchiladas: Light and filling, this winter recipe uses roasted root vegetables, mushrooms, potatoes and bacon that is stuffed inside corn tortillas, topped with cheese and baked. A nice and comforting supper idea that is healthy too with the fibre coming from corn and minerals and healthy fats from olive oil and cheese.

Food is an important part of staying healthy in winters, another equally important aspect is to remain active and give the body its required exercise and movement. Whereas severe weather can drastically hamper the chances of outdoor activities, it is important to indulge in some well planned winter indoor activities that boost the immune system and promote movement and flexibility, at the same time increasing stamina and burning the calories. Activities such as an indoor Zumba, Dancing or Yoga or even cleaning up can increase the physical agility and provide the much needed exercise. If you do have an option of moving outdoors, go for walks; ice skating, ice fishing or skiing to remain fit and active, in addition to taking care of the health and eating right.


5 top celebrity trainers you have to listen to now!

top fitness trainer

You may want to make your vision of having a new body a reality though you know how hard it’s to hit the gym? Working out on your own is certainly one thing, but sometimes it helps when you’ve someone else to yell at you in order to keep going even as you quietly sob while in the middle of a squat.

Fitnesss trainer - top fitness trainer

A good personal fitness trainer is knowledgeable about fitness equipment, diet and nutrition, besides being innovative & skillful in motivating his/her clients to attain their fitness goals.

However, having a famous fitness trainer may be a luxury to you if you aren’t a celebrity with millions of dollars but don’t let that hinder you from getting advice from them via their free content online.


Here are 5 top celebrity trainers and fitness experts to look out for and listen to! (In no particular order)

Tony Horton
Tony Horton is undoubtedly one of the-best known fitness trainers in America. He is one high energy trainer who makes his work outs engaging and fun for the listener. His training program can be used by In-home fitness enthusiasts, especially for those seeking muscle definition, fat loss, rapid weight loss, and lean bodies. He offers a complete line of fitness-products that are marketed through Beach Body. Tony’s fitness programs are designed for persons of all ages, shapes, and various fitness levels.
He has more than 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, with clients ranging from movie stars, to recording artists, to the guy next door. Personal trainer for celebrities and recording artists like:

  • Musician Tom Petty,
  • Shirley MacLaine,
  • Annie Lennox,
  • Sean Connery,
  • Billy Idol,
  • Rob Lowe,
  • Bruce Springsteen,
  • Usher, and many others.

Even the military has benefitted from Tony Horton’s fitness expertise. His acclaimed exercise techniques have featured in Men’s Fitness Magazine.

Tony moved from Rhode Island, his hometown, to California in 1980, to become a personal trainer. He then created P90X, which was his breakout hit and one of the-most successful in-home work out programs ever.

Tony Horton rapidly built a successful fitness training career, and established ASH Fitness in Santa Monica. He then went on to establish an on-camera presence as a spokesman for Nordic Track. Tony focuses on exercises for to stay in shape, and to develop speed, flexibility and balance. His conditioning skills combined with unique motivational abilities are in high demand.

Greg O Gallagher
Since Gregory started his career several years ago, he has grown to become an amazing resource. His posts range from lifting to dieting to celebrity workouts, and anyone looking to get fitter and healthier can find something valuable. He launched himself into fame by-being the go to expert on flexible dieting, intermittent fasting and fitness instructor to many L.A. celebrities, including Matthew Morrison, Reese Witherspoon, and Sela Ward.

He believes in integrating different workout program set-ups, for long-term progress and has released several programs.

Among these are:

  • The Aggressive Fat Loss Program (if interested in leaning up quickly),
  • The Warrior Shredding Program (if you-want to lean up, yet at the same-time optimize strength and physique), and
  • The Greek God Program (to gain strength & great muscle-size and proportion) – his personal favorite.

Like many of the folks who are on this list, Greg ventured into the world of online coaching and training for both exercise and nutrition, and his clients get results. He shares his work-out and nutrition advice on his personal blog and youtube channel.

Greg’s youtube video:


Greg has always been passionate about personal fitness, since he was a child and started a fitness training business at 18-years old. That said, it was not completely fulfilling for him as he needed something more, that goes beyond nutrition and fitness. It took him years of struggle and failure, until he finally found the light. The success of his brand came about when he learned to take on the mindset and outlook of fitness being more of a total lifestyle. He is also an internationally known motivational speaker and a great writer.

Jeff Cavaliere
Jeff Cavaliere is one of the top celebrity trainers and fitness experts in the country. He is also a renowned physical therapist. No stranger to the heavy demands of his performance-driven clients, Cavaliere excels in creating training programs that not only work, but that also produce unparalleled results in the shortest-time possible. Well regarded for his cutting-edge training techniques and quite fun, yet challenging delivery, it’s easy to see why he’s perhaps the most sought-after young fitness trainer in the country today.

Having spent 3-years as the head physical-therapist and strength-coach for the New York Mets MLB, Jeff is relied upon by his multiple professional athlete & celebrity clients to help get them in the best-shape of their lives, either for the scrutiny of the red carpet or for the long grueling season ahead. He is also the author of the “Teen-Sports Nutrition Blueprint” and a frequent contributor to the Men’s Fitness Magazine.

Jeff also runs a very established and popular youtube base fitness channel. With almost 2 million subscribers, Jeff definitely is one of the few trusted online fitness trainers.

Greg Jackson
Greg Jackson’s among the biggest names in Mixed Martial Arts’ History & he’s arguably one of-the premier coaches ever to-be involved in the-sport. With extensive experience in MMA, Greg Jackson knows that staying in weight-class is the main training area most fighters struggle with. Strong wrestling, good top-control & unorthodox striking form the-basis of the Jackson-Wink Mixed Martial Arts formula, which is topped off with a strong-dose of excellent strategic thinking.

greg jackson mma
Greg Jackson well-renowned fitness / MMA trainer


Greg does coach some of the highest-caliber fighters the-sport has ever seen. This includes the likes of:

  • Holly Holm,
  • Rashad Evans,
  • George St. Pierre,
  • Jon Jones,
  • Diego Sanchez and
  • A roster of other World Extreme Cagefighting champions and UFC contenders to-name just a few.

With more than 20-years experience of-coaching athletes, with 6 becoming Champions and winning 3 World MMA Awards, no one knows more-about kicking ass than Jackson. He has published 2-books and even created his own Martial-Art for the sport, Gaidojutsu, in 1992 shortly after graduating from high school. The-art of Gaidojutsu, uses a blend of kickboxing, wrestling and Judo locks alongside grappling techniques & elements of BrazilianJu-jitsu. After the wide success of Gaidojutsu art, his training camp officially became purely MMA-oriented in 2000.

Jillian Michaels
If you desire to truly jump-start your weight-loss regimen & the ‘tough love’ approach can work for you, then consider celebrity-trainer Michaels. She is a great online fitness guru who gives her clients a strong-nudge & plenty of advice for getting-into shape. Michaels’ training program contains a wide range of fitness exercises with a great emphasis on interval-cardio training as well as toning work outs. These involve kickboxing, Pilates, weight lifting, calisthenics & martial arts. Michaels has her own video work-out series, a newsletter with millions-of subscribers, a clothing line, and several books, including ‘Unlimited.’

Jillian Michaels, who, once upon a-time, had a traumatic childhood and suffered verbal abuse by classmates as a 5′, 2″, 175-lbs eighth-grader, now has a long list of credentials and certifications, and has her seriously leaned physique plastered on billboards all over. Michaels got her big-break in 2005 when she starred as a fitness trainer on the NBC reality TV-show, ‘The Biggest Loser.’ Born in 1974 in Los Angeles, Michaels is now a high-profile personal trainer and life coach, and has managed to create her own fitness franchise.

A reason why you should listen to these top celebrity trainers

Without a doubt, these top celebrity trainers know what they are talking about. Most of them possess a degree in some kind of field pertaining to physiology or physical fitness.  They have received certifications in everything from fitness training, to diet & nutrition, to being a first-responder for ill or injured clients.  Apart from that, the experience they bring to table is highly valued and appreciated. Their names are now well-known brands, just like the celebrities they serve!


8 Anti Aging Exercises you can try out today

push up for anti aging

Looking for secret tricks to stay young? Tired of trying various creams and treatments that are not helpful?  Have you tried to make the difference through some anti aging exercises? Yes, it can work wonders on you. Of course, daily exercise will help in short-term goals like weight loss, building body and more, but with or without your knowledge it also helps in maintaining your look and health conditions in the long term.

Here are the best magical exercises that help you have a firm body and at the same time slow down the process of aging.

Anti aging exercises:

  • Squat with Biceps Curl:

Exercising with a pair of dumbbells by standing up in the feet and hip-width apart is a great way to give enough stretches to your body. Also try bending your knees, simultaneously shift your hip-back, and go down till your thighs by staying parallel to the floor. This exercise helps in building stronger knees and thus reduces knee pain and other joint pains. This exercise is especially important for women as it works well for your hip-structure and tunes the body according to the need.

  • Push-ups:

This exercise is not new to many, but how many of you knew it is one the best exercise for anti-aging? Pushups help in applying pressure to your shoulders, legs and upper chest. It makes the body fit and healthy; this exercise helps in pulling out excess fat in your body and thus gives perfect shape. It increases the blood circulation and pumps muscle, thus it works as an anti-aging therapy.

  • Step-ups:

Just like squatting, this is done with a help of a box, bench or step to place your leg. Start this exercise with chest lifted and make sure you are bending your knee slowly. It’s advisable to do at least 10 reps on each side. To gain shape to the sides of your body use this exercise, it rejuvenates the complete system and makes life easier with great looks.

  • Foot Work-out:

This exercise with a circular ring will help your body move freely according to the ring movement and also helps in great foot shape and balance. Ring exercises are not just good for making you look young but will give enough relaxations to your nerves as well as muscles. Yes, from every hair on your head up to your feet, you should have a young look at all times; concentrating just on one area is not sufficient if you are looking for a great natural look.

  • Simply cycle:

No matter how young your body is trimmed to, the reflection should be seen from the heart! Do enough cycling every day. Irrespective of how good your body might look, the efforts will be in vain if you still have the age wrinkles on your face. Thus cycling early in the morning is considered as a great move plus make sure to drink at least 3-4 liters of water per day. Stay energetic and healthy at all times; with a proper diet and fitness steps. Stay happy and smiling with these tips as exercise and aging slowness go hand in hand.

  • Keep it Simple at times:

Don’t strain your body too much with diet and exercise. Firstly take things slow and secondly have a day in a week for relaxation. On these days just have a brisk walk and a bit of swimming. Just these two can make a lot of difference rather than overly sophisticated exercises. Have good food that your heart desires, a bit oil or calories intake once in a week is actually essential. Craving for favorite food during the diet is not a good sign, thus keep a day aside for all your cravings. However, set a limit for the day such that you won’t go over the limit due to the excitement.

  • Strike a balance:

It is essential to strike a balance between exercise and food. Include a right proportion of healthy food for anti-aging, along with fruits and drink lot of liquids to make sure there are enough carbs and liquids in your body. Thread mills and gym are good options for weekly exercises. Don’t overdo anything; take things in a slow and in a steady manner to get right results. Avoid bad habits; these will toss all your efforts. Importantly be prepared to overcome temptations and cravings.

  • Sit up straight:
    sit straight to avoid hunching

One of the best and easiest methods to erase your aging is by sitting up straight always; a steady backbone strengthens the abdomen, lower back and pelvis areas. Curvy back will not reflect a fit look. Take brief walks in-between if you are someone who works for long hours at offices.

Are you curious to know- does metabolism slow with age? Yes, it does, not many are aware that weekly just two or three times exercises can improve the bone density and will help when you from turning old faster. It’s not just through good shape you will look young; there are a lot more to it. The skin textures, color, brightness, glow and hair texture will all be affected as you turn old. Try to always give importance to your health. These above mentioned simple exercises will give you magical results.  Apart from these try consuming anti aging herb, green leaves like spinach, apply carrots and potatoes pack, yogurt packs to enhance the glow in your skin.

Wondering how to stop aging? Apart from the ones mentioned above few other exercises to be kept in mind for anti-aging are the plank, deadlift, overhead press, bench press, chin-ups and more. All of these exercises will work on the muscles of each person’s and a great degree of change can be experienced. Three worst exercises for aging are yoga, low fat-diet exercises, and cardio exercises. Few will concentrate on the upper body more than lower parts… but ensure the exercises that you choose from the above list should have a mix of both to get expected results. There is no need to spend on anti-aging creams and treatments if you plan your diet by consuming herbal and natural plants while doing anti-aging exercise as it can boost and contribute to the anti-aging process. Why spend hard earned money on products that offer slow and harmful results when better results can be experienced through simple exercises?

Stay fit and happy throughout and never forget to make use of nature’s medicine for any illness or issues- SMILE!