4 Top Facts About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for people to unlock their full potential. A lot of people think of it as something that is used by stage performers, and that is nothing more than a magic trick. Others think of hypnosis as a threat – something that a skilled person can do to someone against their will. Neither of those things is true. ┬áIt is worthwhile to learn some basic hypnotherapy facts to get to the bottom of what this mysterious field is all about.

Can You Be Hypnotised Against Your Will?

Hypnosis requires cooperation. Some people say that they ‘can not be hypnotized because they have tried and failed. Hypnosis requires trust, and it requires the person to be relaxed and willing to give up control. If you’re in an incongruent frame of mind and are not ready to trust the hypnotist and go along with them, your mind will never open up to the stage of hypnosis.

You Are Not Asleep When You Are Hypnotized

When you are asleep and dreaming, you probably aren’t aware that you are dreaming (some people can reach a stage where they are ‘lucid dreaming‘ and know that they are in a dream state, but this is a rare skill). Your conscious mind is still there watching what is going on in the background during the hypnosis process.

You Can Wake Up At Any Time

While Hollywood sometimes likes to suggest that hypnosis is a form of mind control, the effects are short-lived, and it doesn’t take much at all to come out of a hypnotic state. You could ‘wake up’ at any time if something were to jar you to reality, or even if you only decided to end the process of hypnosis.

Anyone Can Get a Lot Out of Hypnosis

While hypnosis can be useful for some people as a way of conquering fears, it can be impractical as well for some people. Stage hypnotists screen the people that they work with, to see which are the most ‘suggestible’ and then hypnotize those as a part of their performance. Individuals who are highly hypnotically suggestible will get a lot out of being hypnotized and could find that it helps them beat their addictions, cure their bad habits, improve their thought patterns, or get over their phobias.

For those who are less suggestible, though, hypnosis is little more than a waste of time. Subjects may feel that it is awkward and uncomfortable, and they may feel self-conscious, but not get much out of it at all.

In many ways, hypnosis is like meditation. If you find that yoga clears your head and that meditation calms your mood, then you could be the sort of person that will get a lot out of hypnosis. On the other hand, if you feel bored, tense or are always thinking about your shopping list or wondering whether you remembered to empty the washing machine last night, then you’re probably not the kind of person that is going to get much out of being hypnotized. There is nothing wrong with that. Everyone responds differently.

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