Best Regression and QHHT Techniques

Regression hypnosis helps people tap deep into their subconscious minds to get at troubling emotions left over from traumatic experiences. These experiences may have happened last week or during the person’s early childhood. For some people, these experiences occurred in a past life or in between lives.

It depends on the beliefs you hold, but no matter what they are regression hypnosis techniques can help let troubled emotions or inner conflicts go. A hypnotherapist will use different methods for each type of regression.

One of the first methods they will use is that of age regression. You will be asked to sit or lie comfortably. The therapist will give you visualizations that will allow you to relax and go back to an earlier time. Suggestions enable you to reach the age at which the troubling memory occurred.

Your therapist will then use techniques to guide you as you go through the memory. You will be completely safe and secure during the entire session. They will use their techniques to help you get at the cause of troubling emotions and will help you heal them using traditional forms of cognitive therapy in many cases.

If you are unsure of what it is that is causing your trauma emotionally; regression hypnosis can help. Your therapist will use techniques to relax you and get you to open up subconsciously about what or who caused your problems. They will then gently guide you to healing the painful emotion or phobia.

A hypnotherapist will be able to use professional therapeutic techniques to talk you into expressing the emotions and releasing them. The best method to use after the age regression is reprogramming the subconscious.

They will suggest things to do or to think whenever an uncomfortable though come to the surface regarding the memory. You get tools to be more resilient and more adaptive.

Some therapists will similarly use past life regression techniques. These can also be known as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique or QHHT. This type of hypnosis work can be extremely helpful in releasing uncomfortable behavior patterns. It usually helps to believe in past lives to benefit from this procedure. A high-quality QHHT practitioner can help you with this.

Many therapists will use techniques for hypnosis with Gestalt therapy. Ask your therapist or hypnotherapist for more details on which particular hypnosis techniques for regression will work for your issues or your current beliefs. The techniques described here have been proven to be highly effective in healing patients.

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